The 2019 Bloody Fun Run
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Cannon was diagnosed with Hemophilia A severe at six months old. He was the youngest and most severe case of hemophilia to begin his treatment type, it was approved two weeks before his diagnosis. This treatment has been life changing, and Cannon can do all the things any other toddler could, and then some. We appreciate you so much for your time and your donation, to help continue to improve the quality of life for those living with hemophilia like Cannon.


The BDFW empowers parents, and kids/ adults with bleeding disorders to live their best life! They have made a huge difference not only in my life but the lives of many. Your donation would mean a lot to me and every other person affected by the donation through the Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington. Please help me to make a difference by building awareness, and supporting the BDFW’s mission. Every donation counts & together we can make a difference.


Here are some great donation amounts to consider.


$1000 - Send a child to Camp I-Vy

$500- Support 1 parent support group meeting

$450- Send one family to family camp

$250- One Medically Accurate educational opportunity- for better care and better outcomes

$65- One Day of Advocacy in Washington State


Thank you! Together we will make a difference.


  • Christen (about a day ago)

    Love you Chyna & Cannon!

  • Flor (about 4 days ago)

    I love you Cannon!!!

  • Jack (about 6 days ago)

    We love yoy Hoju

  • Ian (about a week ago)

    go Cannon!

  • Erica (about a week ago)

    Cannon Ball Z

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What: The 2019 Bloody Fun Run
Where: Green Lake Park (near the Bathhouse Theatre)
When: Saturday October 19, 2019 at 09:00 AM

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