The 2019 Bloody Fun Run
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Bleeding Disorders Suck!

The BDFW (Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington)

Serves over 70,000 Chronic Bleeders over 150,000 Families Let's make an impact!

The bloody Fun Run is a dress up run walk I would love to have our team dress up in kid friendly Time Suck Merch and costumes

Please Join our team: Space Lizards for good!

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The bloody fun run raises funds so kids with bleeding disorders can go to camp, learn how to self infuse medication and be with other kids that also have a bleeding disorder.

Most of us have experienced being on the outside looking in wanting to fit in and belong. Camp I-vy helps kids effected with bleeding disorders do just that.

We live in the small town of Yelm WA and so far after eight years of living here the only kids we know with a bleeding disorder are our two kids. It can be very isolating especially when making new friends. Parents and kids a like don't always understand what Hemophilia A is and that you can't catch it like a cold. "Hail Nimrod"

Camp I-vy makes it feel normal for the kids to have a bleeding disorder. The kids play and swim and enjoy camp much like at any other summer camp. However they have to have special medication and trained medical professionals at camp at all times to help make camp safe.

This makes camp I-vy $1,000 per kid, a large amount for 5 days of camp but honestly no price can be put on that special feeling when you find belonging. When your not the weirdo, treated like a contagion or like you will break at any minute. You get to be a normal kid with your fellows for 5 days.

Praise be to Bo Jangles the best of best doggos who includes all meat sacks equally.

My kids LOVE camp so much they talk about it all year! Super annoying and heart warming at the same time.

Lizards Unite!


"The BDFW empowers parents, and kids/ adults with bleeding disorders to live their best life! They have made a huge difference not only in my life but the lives of many. Your donation would mean a lot to me and every other person affected by the donation through the Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington. Please help me to make a difference by building awareness, and supporting the BDFW’s mission. Every donation counts & together we can make a difference."


Here are some great donation amounts to consider.


$1000 - Send a child to Camp I-Vy

$500- Support 1 parent support group meeting

$450- Send one family to family camp

$250- One Medically Accurate educational opportunity- for better care and better outcomes

$65- One Day of Advocacy in Washington State


Thank you! Together we will make a difference. You Beautiful Meat sacks!


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    Bleeding Disorders Suck!

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What: The 2019 Bloody Fun Run
Where: Green Lake Park (near the Bathhouse Theatre)
When: Saturday October 19, 2019 at 09:00 AM

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