The 2019 Bloody Fun Run
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Dear Friends and Family,

Yay! It's almost October which means it's nearly time for our annual fundraising walk benefiting The Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington!  The BDFW has been a huge part of our lives since Zach's diagnosis of hemophilia in January of 2016.  Like many families, we had a dramatic introduction to hemophilia after Zach suffered mutliple seizures due to a spontaneus brain bleed. Spontaneous bleeds are just one of the issues to watch for when you have severe hemophilia like Zach does.  

I can't tell you how much we leaned on the BDFW for support the first couple of years after our diagnosis and our BDFW family has continued to be an huge part of Zach's success as a thriving 4-year-old with severe hemophilia.  Zach's health is stable now but hemophilia is an ever present undercurrent we are all reminded of each time we give him an infusion at home, or he gets a fever and we go to Seattle Children's to make sure it's not a port infection, or the constant watching for limps or strange new bruises. 

We are blessed to have wonderful preventative and cutting edge treatement and a world class hemophilia treatment center at Seattle Children's Hospital. And we are incredibly lucky to have an organization like the BDFW that empowers parents, and kids/ adults with bleeding disorders to live their best life!

Team Zach Attach is forever grateful for your financial, emotional, and physical support of our family and The BDFW. We would love to have you join us for the walk -- it's always a fun morning of costumes, good company and cool SWAG - plus you get your steps in by noon! 

Your financial support directly benefits Zach and our entire bleeding disorder community - and is how Zach gets to go to Camp I-Vy Jr. ever year (which trust me, his Bapak/Dad and I appreciate!!).

Thank you in advance!!


Allison, Rian and Zach


Every dollar received is carefully allocated and appreicated! If you're wondering how your donation is used, here are some examples of associated costs for services the BDFW provides:

$1000 - Send a child to Camp I-Vy

$500- Support 1 parent support group meeting

$450- Send one family to family camp

$250- One Medically Accurate educational opportunity- for better care and better outcomes

$65- One Day of Advocacy in Washington State


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Event Information
What: The 2019 Bloody Fun Run
Where: Green Lake Park (near the Bathhouse Theatre)
When: Saturday October 19, 2019 at 09:00 AM

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