The 2019 Bloody Fun Run

Tips for Raising Money For Your Team!

Don't forget to ask everyone you meet to support you! Ask them for $5, $10 or $20 - small amounts can make a difference! Ask not only your co-workers, family and friends, but your hair dresser or barber, your mail carrier, your kids' teachers, your clients, your baker, your favorite store owners and others you interact with regularly. See DoJiggy's Participant Fundraising Library for fundraising ideas and tips, sample letters, a detailed User Guide to the Participant Control Panel, and more!

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Fundraising Ideas

-Restaurant Nights: There are a number of restaurants, including McDonalds, Panda Express & Applebees, that allow you to work a shift and earn a certain percentage of sales or specific amount to be donated.

-Neighborhood Crawl: This is a great way to get your whole neighborhood involved! A Neighborhood crawl is something that can attract people who otherwise may not donate to help you raise. Find Five or so neighborhood volunteers to be host families (an invite with an ask for host families can do this) and have everyone else pay $20+ to participate!

-Spaghetti Feed: Prepare a great dinner for community members and charge a fee. Hold this at your local school, church or recreation hall.

-Trivia Event: Have participants and spectators pay to participate and the winner receives a prize. Hold a raffle for a fun/unique item too! Trivia can be hosted anywhere: at a bar, a house or backyard, church basement.

-Discount Cards: Sell discount cards for special merchant offers, two-for-one pizza or fast food freebies. Profits on a discount card are often 80% and they sell like hotcakes outside of high-traffic retail locations.

Feel free to reach out to if you would like to learn more or see how we might be able to help with your event!

More Easy & Fun Ideas

-For your birthday or anniversary, ask your friends and family to keep the cards and gifts, and instead make a donation towards your fundraiser.

-Ask your grocer or gas station if you can put a jar out to collect change.

-Have a Hat Day at your school.  Offer students the opportunity to pay $2.00 to wear their favorite hat for the day. Offer this opportunity a few times during your fundraising campaign.

-Host an Ice Cream Social and charge admission.  Ask a local grocer to donate the ingredients.

-Ask your local gym for support.  Ask them to donate a one- two- or three-month membership.  You can use it as a raffle prize for anyone who donates to you or your team.

-Change your outgoing voicemail message to indicate that you have accepted the challenge of raising funds for the Bloody Fun Run.  Provide the website so that folks can make on-line donations.

-Movie ticket donation.  Ask your local movie theater to donate several movie tickets. Sell them and put the money toward your pledges.

-Adjust the signature on your e-mail to indicate you are participating in the Bloody Fun Run. Direct folks to your personal page.

-Allow staff/students/employees to purchase Dress Down Days for $5.00 per person per day.

-Ask your church or school to host a dinner. Charge admission and apply the proceeds to your team.

-Have a garage sale. Ask friends and family to donate items. Sell the items you can and donate the remaining items. Your trash might just be my treasure!

-Offer your services as a babysitter; donate the proceeds to your walk team.

-Any other ideas you may have! There are tons of great ways to raise money for your team! If you need any ideas just ask!

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