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It may take a village to help raise a family, but it takes an army to raise a family with Hemophilia! The support of the Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington is an integral part of Declan’s life and success. Please help me to build awareness for bleeding disorders while supporting the BDFW’s mission to support healthcare advocacy and research.   Gene Therapy for Hemophilia A is having sucess however is extremely expensive, $1.5 million dollars per patient.  The funds raised from the Blood Fun Run contine to help our advocacy efforts and is where our family focuses our efforts wtih the BDFW.  I have joined an advocacy task force to address congress on how patients will be able to afford and pay for these new emmerging therapies.  Our plan is to address congress in both Olympia and Washington DC this next year.  In the meantime Declan is doing great and thriving with hemophila and his infusions but boy it would be great to put hemophila in our past.  For now the fight continues and he still self infuses 4 times a week.  These infusions allow him to continue what he loves most and that is sports-flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball and nerf wars.  All 3 kids attended Camp Ivy this past summer and once again came home with more confidence, new friends and a continued appreciation of what it's like to be in a household of someone with hemophilia.  We are very proud of the kids and never would have thought Declan's diagnosis 10 years ago would have placed us where we are.  We are so grateful to our family, friends, teachers and coaches who have supported Declan and our family over the last 10 years.   We appreciate your support in the past and hope you will support us again this year. Every donation counts and together we can make a difference.

Thank you!

The McNulty's


  • Doug & Marci (about a month ago)

    You da man, D

  • Will & Molly (about a month ago)

    Impressive job Declan's Army!

  • molly (about a month ago)


  • Michelle (about a month ago)

    Declan's Army Rocks! Way to go!

  • Rachelle & Sean (about a month ago)

    Go, Declan, Go! Love you

  • Diane (about a month ago)

    Way to go, Declan & family!

  • Brittany (about a month ago)

    We support you!

  • Anonymous (about a month ago)


  • Anonymous (about a month ago)


  • Victoria (about a month ago)

    Be the One to make a difference?

  • michael (about a month ago)

    Rock on Big D.

  • Kristi (about a month ago)

    Go Declan! Go!

  • Lois (about a month ago)


  • Lyndsay (about a month ago)

    We love you Declan

  • Peter (about a month ago)

    The Army of Declan is STRONG!

  • Sam (about a month ago)

    Go Declan's Army on behalf of all Bleeding Disorder affected kids!

  • Mike (about a month ago)

    We are so proud of you Declan!!

  • Erin (about a month ago)

    Amazing job, guys!! Good luck tomorrow!!!

  • Kay (about a month ago)

    Let's find a cure! Go Declan's Army

  • Joni (about a month ago)

    GO Declan’s Army!!

  • Aimee (about a month ago)

    Go big! : ) We love you

  • Alisa (about a month ago)

    Go McNulty’s!

  • Lisa and Paul (about a month ago)

    Way to go DeClan and family

  • Josette (about a month ago)

    Your strength is my inspiration!

  • Fran (about a month ago)

    Go McNultys!!!

  • barbara (about a month ago)

    Have a great day ...wish we were there!!

  • Karen (about a month ago)

    Wish we could be there. Have a great run! The Todds

  • Facts For (about 6 months ago)

    Go Declan's Army!

  • CURT (about 6 months ago)

    Anne and Curt won't make it this year. We hope to be there next year, Good Luck

  • Barry & Bev (about 6 months ago)

    We won't make it to Trivia Night, but we'll be there in spirit. Have fun!

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What: The 2018 Bloody Fun Run
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